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Publication Date: April 1, 2021

Available for Pre-order now at
Bold Strokes Books

Lee Lynch has been writing for and about lesbian and gay people her whole career. Her goal has always been to enhance lives in ways that help everyone find fulfillment, strength, pride, and happiness.

Accidental Desperados
Lee's second book in the Rainbow Gap Lesbian Family Saga (after Rainbow Gap) is available April 1, 2021

MJ Beaudry, an angry, brilliant, abused runaway, is dumped in Rainbow Gap, Florida, and almost immediately discovers an aptitude for crime. The lesbian cop who catches her expects good-hearted lovers Jaudon Vicker and Berry Garland to save the kid. Although Jaudon’s business has suffered a killing blow and she’s frantic to make it right, she was once a besieged gay kid herself and reaches out, only to find herself in cahoots with MJ.

Berry is left in the dark, her own big dream on hold, and fears losing her love as Jaudon is swallowed by work and guilt. Berry, salt-of-the-earth Gran, besotted-with-MJ Vonnie Lowe (who is besotted with MJ),, Allison the social justice warrior, and scofflaws Shady and Tad all stand behind Jaudon, but are they enough?

Or will it take this next generation of lesbians—MJ and Vonnie—to lead the way?






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